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Calor Gas - Product Recall

Product Recall

Calor Gas have issued a product recall on 4.5kg Butane cylinders - 4.5kg Butane product recall (

A product recall has been issued with immediate effect on a limited number of Calor 4.5kg Butane cylinders.

A small number of Calor 4.5kg Butane cylinders have been found to release gas from the valve when it is in the open position and connected to the customer's appliance/regulator. 

Please note, there is no safety issue as long as the valve is closed.

If a release of gas is detected whilst the cylinder is in use, then immediately close the valve, disconnect the cylinder from the appliance/regulator and fit the cap to the valve outlet.

We advise all of our customers with a 4.5kg cylinder purchased since 2017 to check it in order to rule out any safety issues. Please check your bottle using the simple 3 step process online. 

We want to thank the affected customers for your co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please view this website 4.5kg Butane product recall ( to get more information and to arrange a collection of your bottle.