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Sawn Timber Products 50mm x 200mm C24 Graded Timber

£ 26.00 each

Shipping estimation

C24 Structural Building Grade Timber available in the following sizes:

200mm x 50mm

150mm x 50mm

125mm x 50mm

100mm x 50mm

75mm x 50mm

C24 graded sawn timber is a premium structural timber with fewer and smaller knots than C16 grade. C24 graded timber is stronger therefore it can be used where wider lengths or higher loads are required.

When manufactured the timber is regularised (consistent dimensions) by planing all round with 'eased' (rounded) corners for comfortable handling. Once this process has been completed the uniformed finished size will be 5mm off the nominal width and thickness.

The products have varied uses such as stud walls, Joists for roofs, floors and decking frames as well as all structural and general building applications.

These can be used in conjunction with wooden posts, softwood and composite decking, decking support posts and our torx and landscape screws