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Wooden Sheds - Warwick 1408 Low Truss

£ 2,189.00 each

Shipping estimation

Length 4.2m 

Width 2.4m

Height 2.35m


  • Adaptable apex roof shed
  • Thicker than average tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
  • Fully framed and braced door with three galvanised hinges
  • Glass windows
  • Window section can be fitted on either side

Tongue & GrooveCLADDING:


Eaves heightEAVES HT:

Lock & Key

Please contact a member of our team for information on any additional items

  • Toughened glass or perspex windows
  • Extra window(s)
  • No windows
  • 1.2m double doors on 1.8m wide models (lock replaced by pad bolt)
  • 1.5m double doors on 2.1m wide and above models (lock replaced by pad bolt)
  • Door hinged on the right (on left as standard)
  • Wider 900mm single door
  • Stable door
  • Rockingham door
  • Cotswold doors
  • Cotswold window
  • Opening window
  • Window inserts (as Warwick Conversion)
  • Security windows (see Major Apex for picture)
  • Transverse ridge to maximum 3.0m wide (width becomes the bigger dimension)
  • Rim lock and handle (not available for double doors)
  • 150mm extra height
  • Roof overhang
  • No floor
  • Shedsheet rubber roof covering