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Slotted Concrete Posts - Intermediate 105mm x 80mm (4" x 3¼")

£ 15.00 each

Shipping estimation

We stock dry cast concrete made by a UK Manufacturer; the product is a natural looking product that has a low water-cement ratio to achieve the textured finish.  We offer slotted intermediate posts in 6 lengths to assist you in achieving the desired height for your project.

All posts are steel reinforced for extra strength to allow for many types of installation including fencing and retaining walls.

The post dimensions are as follows;

Intermediates and ends = 105mm x 80mm

Corners = 123mm x 123mm

Concrete posts are unaffected by rot and moisture therefore are a popular choice when installing panel fencing with your concrete gravel boards. This will help give additional years of life to a panel fence installation.

The slots run the full length of the post to allow for the panels to be stepped on a sloped garden.

Lighter weight post design to allow for a safer lifting weight and assist with the ease of the installation process.

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