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If you are looking to extend your days and evenings in the garden, and make the most of daylight, then it may be time to consider investing in a new summerhouse for your garden. Summerhouses provide the ideal setting to enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea, or a glass of wine in the evenings and is the perfect place to read your favourite book.

At Lumberjacks we supply wooden summerhouses to customers across Suffolk, including Ipswich, Woodbridge, Stowmarket and Felixstowe. Our summerhouses are equipped with large windows and doors, allowing natural light to shine through. Additional features such as verandas, double doors and felt tiles are available, allowing you to customise your building.

We Supply Log Cabins and Garden Sheds Too

For an even bigger outside space, we can also supply a selection of log cabins. This type of building is generally used on the larger summerhouses due to the greater strength this type of construction carries. They also have a greater specification such as a thicker roof and floor materials, along with double glazing, to keep you warm all-year round.

We also have a large collection of small and large wooden sheds for sale. Wooden sheds are generally used for additional storage of garden items but can have many other uses, including potting sheds, bike storage areas or workshops.

Extending the Life of Your Summerhouse

A shed or summerhouse needs a flat, solid base to rest on to make it easier when it comes to the maintenance and lifespan of your garden building. If not, you are likely to have problems with screw holes not lining up correctly and doors not fitting doorways. You can create a firm level space by constructing a timber, concrete or plastic base to prevent water collecting in and around the shed floor.

At Lumberjacks, we have all the components needed to help create your perfect base such as plastic reinforced shed grid, sawn timber and aggregates. We recommend only using a solid level concrete base for larger sheds and log cabins.

When it comes to maintenance requirements of your new or existing building, we recommend yearly staining or painting of all wooden panels, to help extend its lifespan. We have a wide range of colours available to help you either create your own statement in the garden, or to make your summerhouse, garden shed or log cabin blend into its surroundings.   

What We Supply

At Lumberjacks we have a variety of wooden summerhouses available to suit your individual needs and requirements.

All our wooden garden sheds come with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee against any faulty parts or labour. If you are interested in something that can provide you with more space to socialise in, or enjoy with friends and family, then check out our top-of-the-range, affordable log cabins.

If you are interested in ordering any of our small or large garden sheds, log cabins or wooden summerhouses in Suffolk, then we offer a quick and cost-effective delivery service that covers Hadleigh, Bildeston, Stowmarket, Needham Market and most of Suffolk. Check out our range of outdoor buildings on-site today on Bramford Road, Ipswich.