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Are you looking for an easier alternative to concrete fencing products? DuraPost® is the solution to all your fencing problems. It is strong and lightweight, versatile and can withstand winds of up to 70mph, and boasts a variety of uses in the garden.

Lumberjacks supply fence panels to customers in Ipswich. Woodbridge, Stowmarket, Felixstowe and across Suffolk and we are proud to be a supplier of new DuraPost® metal fencing posts and accessories. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a stylish fence solution or contractor seeking an easy-to-install product, DuraPost® can provide the answer.

If you are looking to extend your days and evenings in the garden, and make the most of daylight, then it may be time to consider investing in a new summerhouse for your garden. Summerhouses provide the ideal setting to enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea, or a glass of wine in the evenings and is the perfect place to read your favourite book.

At Lumberjacks we supply wooden summerhouses to customers across Suffolk, including Ipswich, Woodbridge, Stowmarket and Felixstowe. Our summerhouses are equipped with large windows and doors, allowing natural light to shine through. Additional features such as verandas, double doors and felt tiles are available, allowing you to customise your building.

At Lumberjacks we believe in the importance of fencing panels for bringing structure and definition to outdoor space while also complementing your garden style. Decorative fence panels can significantly improve the aesthetics of your garden and offer a unique fencing solution to all.

We offer a wide range of European decorative fence panels from our Ipswich yard, which will help to add the finest touches to your outside space. These striking panels will provide you with the freedom required to create your own magical, secluded garden space and bring structure, texture and definition to your garden, which everyone can enjoy.

Composite decking is fast becoming the largest timber deck alternative on the market and is loved by many homeowners and contractors alike. Garden decking suppliers Lumberjacks, who are based in Ipswich, are now finding that It is now one of the most popular garden products in the industry.

It is ideal for commercial use in outdoor dining areas, including beer gardens, restaurants and rooftop terraces, as well as for swimming pools, spas and leisure facilities.

Composite decking boards have many uses and provide incredible durability and are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. They can also be used as marina and pontoon decking and for homeowners in need of exterior garden decking solutions for dining areas and balconies.

If you need a durable decking solution for your garden or landscaping project that will retain its structural integrity, shape and colour, then composite decking is the choice for you.

The onset of summer means that now is the ideal time to carry out long-term gardening projects – not just the weeding and planting which goes on all year round, but something that will make a real difference to how your outdoor space looks.

Here Lumberjacks, who provide garden decking for customers in Ipswich, Stowmarket. Needham Market and across Suffolk, identify three ways of giving your outdoor space a completely new look.


Building Decks

Decking has the ability to effectively ‘open up’ your garden to all sorts of new possibilities. It will help level up any slopes and undulations, making previously inaccessible areas much easier to reach, even if you just want to use it as a form of garden path.

However, it can be used for a variety of other purposes, even if your garden is flat, such as an outdoor eating or drinking area. It extends your living space, giving you somewhere to relax outdoors. And you can use it as an additional part of your garden – plants can either be added in pots or containers, or built into the structure.

One of the big problems with decking is making sure that it still looks good all year round. At Lumberjacks we supply composite wood decking, which is made from 55% natural wood fibres and 45% recycled polymers. This means it needs little to no maintenance, unlike traditional wood decking. It is available in black, grey and teak finishes along with the appropriate fascia trim and clips so it’s very easy to put together.

If you prefer a more natural look, we supply hard-wearing softwood timber decking. This is reversible and available in two sizes (3.6m x 28mm x 120mm and 4.8m x 28mm x 120mm) so should fit most spaces. We stock spindles, handrails, posts and rope as well.


Landscaping Using Sleepers

Sleepers are among the most versatile of garden landscaping materials. You can use them for raised beds, steps, retaining walls – or any part of the garden which you want to separate from another section. If you have the time and the ambition, they can also be used as garden furniture, such as benches and seating.

At Lumberjacks, we supply a wide range of different types of garden sleepers, suitable for every use, for customers in Hadleigh, Ipswich and throughout Suffolk. These include treated softwood, oak hardwood and reclaimed pine. Hardwood is better for more permanent structures which come into contact with the ground – their higher density makes them longer-lasting. However, softwood sleepers have their advantages too, as they are much lighter and easier to manoeuvre.


Artificial Grass

Why use artificial grass? Well, it helps keep your garden looking good, whatever the weather – you may have trouble growing a good lawn because of the amount of sunlight, shade or rain your outdoor space gets. It’s an excellent way of producing a low-maintenance garden – you may not have time to cut, weed and water it regularly. And artificial grass is extremely child- and pet-friendly and avoids problems for those who suffer with allergies such as hay fever.


At Lumberjacks, we supply several different types of artificial grass - Glade C Shaped Yarn, Albion or Bracken artificial grass, all in 4m wide strips (the Glade C may be available in 5m strips on request). We stock adhesive and tape to make the whole business of laying down your artificial turf that much simpler.


Garden Decking, Sleepers and Artificial Grass from Lumberjacks

You can find all these products in our online shop, along with a range of other gardening materials, including fencing, gates, chimineas, firepits, sheds and summerhouses.

If you would like to know more, you can contact us by following this link and filling in the online form. You can also call us on 01473 461394 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Throughout the year, we provide an extensive range of logs, coal, and seasoned firewood, to customers across Suffolk, including Ipswich, Stowmarket, Felixstowe and Woodbridge.

We stock varying quantities of seasoned firewood and logs, house and smokeless coal available for collection or delivery in Suffolk.

One of the challenges of making full use of your garden all year round is the British weather, particularly in the autumn and winter months. Cold, rain and even snow can make it difficult to get outdoors, and the shorter days mean there is even less opportunity to get outside and enjoy your garden.   

However, Lumberjacks have a range of new bespoke garden pergola products available to our customers in Ipswich and across Suffolk.  These structures mean you can make full use of your outdoor space whatever the climate and have extra room to socialise with friends or family.  

For Use all Year Round

Pergolas effectively extend your living space, bringing the outdoors indoors, and make for a stylish addition to any garden. We can mix and match our products so they will fit any size of shape of garden. To find out more, click here.

Our pergolas are available with retractable roofs in the form of plastic sheets and sails, which can provide shelter from wet weather and offer shade on brighter, sunnier days. At a time when so many of us are spending more time at home – either for work or health reasons – adding a pergola with a covered option is a really cost-effective way of increasing the useable space within your property.  

Staying Warm and Entertaining – Even When It’s Cold

Even if it’s dry, one of the problems with the British autumn and winter (and sometimes even the spring) is that can still be chilly or cold, especially in the evening. However, there’s no need to worry when the temperatures drop, as we have a wide selection of heating products, such as chimineas, patio heaters and firepits to keep you warm.

New additions to our outdoor heating ranges include the Barcelona and Icarus Medium firepits and the Skyline Chiminea. Our new double ceiling/wall mountable heater uses quartz technology to warm up the patio area without any heat loss to the surrounding air.

We also have a range of new outdoor lighting solutions (along with weatherproof extension leads) so you can still enjoy your garden space even when the nights begin to draw in.

Keep on Cooking Thanks to Our New Products 

With your new, enticing outdoor space, you can carry on cooking outside through the winter months. At Lumberjacks, we also offer a range of cooking products for those who like dining ‘al fresco’, including Lorenzo wood fired and BBQ pizza ovens. If you’re worried about getting the pizza out of the oven, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too – our long-handled stainless steel pizza peel will mean you can remove your food easily and safely.

Our La Hacienda firepit is available with a hanging grill, allowing you to cook a meal over a real wood fire. We also stock toasting forks if you fancy heating up a tasty treat on any of our brands of chimineas or firepits.

Garden Pergola Products from Lumberjacks

If you would like to know more about any of our products, you can contact us by following this link and completing the online form. You can also call us on 01473 461394 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

At the moment, we are limiting the numbers of people allowed in our yard to enable social distancing to take place. We are currently working on a two-week turnaround from when orders are placed to the date of delivery. All online buyers will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient delivery or collection time.