Lumberjacks are now stocking a range of plug and play low voltage lighting which can transform your garden and make it a much safer and more secure place, even over the winter months.

In partnership with Ellumiere, we now offer an outdoor lighting range, which is available from our Ipswich branch and our online shop. This selection of 12 volt lamps will provide a variety of stunning effects - and, as outlined below, they offer a range of advantages over more powerful conventional lighting systems.


You Don’t Need to be a Qualified Electrician to Install Them

With low voltage wires, due to the smaller strength of the current running through the wires, there’s no need for them to be installed underground by a professional electrician. As the current is low voltage there’s a much smaller risk of electric shocks if anything does go wrong, such as moisture or dust getting into the circuit.


They’re Simple to Put Together

Plug and play systems are very simple to put together. All you need to do is work out what areas you want to be lit, how many lights you think you’ll need and the lengths of cable required to reach all the areas. We would recommend drawing up a plan in advance, detailing all of the relevant measurements. Remember there’s a maximum of 12 lights per transformer.

Then you just need to select the type of lights you need – our selection can be found here.  Do you want them to go directly into the ground or a solid surface like decking? Base plates for the latter or spikes for the former are available

We can supply spotlights, which will enhance your planting scheme and provide uplighting for any fences and borders you have. Our bollards (above) are great for illuminating driveways, walkways or in borders, while our deck lights can bring out the best in any decking and raised beds.

The next step is to buy the lengths of cable and connectors you need; you can have up to 50metres attached to any transformer. You may more than one transformer to get everything connected.

We also offer two starter kits where you can purchase everything together.


Everything’s Safe and Long-Lasting

Threaded covers on the T-Pieces (which link the cable to the lights) ensure that water and dust don’t get into the system. The transformers, bulbs and cabling are completely waterproof and can be left exposed to the elements.

Generally, lower voltage systems, in combination with LED technology, are extremely long-lasting compared with the old halogen and incandescent lights. You need less energy to provide the same levels of light, so the bulbs don’t need replacing as often. All our systems come with a two-year warranty.


And It’s Great for Christmas Trees

Low voltage lights are a great solution at this time of year when the nights are drawing in. They are a helpful and relatively inexpensive way of ensuring you get indoors safely when you get home from work or after a night out. Light is also a proven deterrent when it comes to discouraging any would-be burglars and strategically placed bulbs mean you can appreciate your plants and garden even when the sun has gone in.

For an additional festive touch, why not plant a Christmas tree outdoors as well as – or even instead of – inside your home? Lumberjacks can also supply you with a Christmas tree too. Our Premier Nordman varieties don’t shed many needles, so they are ideal both outdoors and indoors and come in a variety of heights, from 5-6ft through to 7-8ft. For more details follow this link.


Outdoor Lighting from Ipswich-based Lumberjacks

If you would like to know more about our low voltage lighting – which we can supply to customers in Felixstowe, Stowmarket, Woodbridge and across Suffolk – then call us on 01473 461394 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also click on this link and fill in the online form.

Remember, our online shop also stocks a wide range of gardening and timber products, including sheds, summerhouses, fencing, machine rounds and garden furniture.