There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a freshly cut lawn – or is there? It takes a lot of effort to get a grass lawn looking good, from regular mowing, to weeding, seeding, watering, and more. All of this effort has many people wondering if there is an easier alternative. Here Lumberjacks, who offer artificial grass for sale in Ipswich, outline some of its key advantages over a regular grass lawn.

There Are No Weather Issues

With artificial grass, it is not at risk from the vagaries of the British weather. This is because most artificial turf drains well in wet conditions, meaning you don’t need to worry about flooding or wet patches in your garden.

At the same time, during prolonged dry spells and droughts, while your neighbour's lawns begin to turn yellow or even brown, artificial grass will continue to look lush and green. In addition, many varieties are also resistant to ultra-violet light, so it won’t fade in the summer and over time either, meaning it will remain looking lush and green for years.


The Cost

After the initial investment, artificial grass is a lot less expensive and time-consuming than real grass. Just think of all the costs associated with a real lawn – fuel for the mower (or electricity), plus water which is a scarce resource (particularly during a drought).

There’s also a lot of time and physical effort involved, especially if you have a big lawn.


It’s Family-friendly

A benefit of artificial grass you may not have thought of is that it is good for children. This is because they will be able to go out and play on it all year round, without leaving brown or bare spots in your lawn.

You also don’t need to worry about them bringing mud back into the house or having to wash grass stains out of their clothes. Artificial grass is pet-friendly too, being soft on your furry friend’s paws. In addition, animal urine usually flows straight through, and any solid waste is easier to pick up and clear away.


It Has Environmental Benefits

Admittedly, artificial grass won’t support an ecosystem of birds, wildflowers and insects, but there are some environmental benefits to artificial grass. You don’t need to use any pesticides to keep weeds at bay, or do any watering on those hot and dry summer days. It is also good for those who suffer from allergies like hay fever as the short artificial grass won’t trap any dust or pollen.


It’s A Practical Solution

Some gardens are very exposed or shaded, or get too much or too little rainfall, that natural grass will always struggle to grow healthily. This is particularly true in the East of England, where many gardens have clay soil, which is not conducive to growing many species of plants, including natural grass. This is because clay is quite high on the ph balance scale, with a high alkaline content. This can make it difficult for plants and grass to thrive, as clay is heavy, very sticky and quite hard to work with.


Lumberjacks - Artificial Grass Suppliers in Ipswich

At Lumberjacks, we stock a wide range of artificial grass for your garden, including Likewise varieties, which are UV resistant and available in full rolls or cut lengths. To see our full range, just follow this link. We also stock associated products to help you knit your rolls of turf together seamlessly, including aqua bond adhesive and joining tape.

If you want to brighten up other parts of your garden, we also stock weed stops, which should keep unwanted plants at bay, and decorative stone chippings which we can supply to customers in Bildeston, Felixstowe, Stowmarket and across Suffolk. In addition, we supply decorative fence panels, some of which are currently on special offer.

We have a wide local delivery radius that includes Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Hadleigh, Stowmarket, Needham, Capel St. Mary, Debenham, Bildeston and many more towns and villages. For more information, follow this link. Note that the delivery costs shown are estimates and will be confirmed when your payment is taken.