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3d shed design

Many of our 3D Shed Designer models are made from 15mm cladding, which is 25% thicker

than average, so you know you're getting a great specification. Get Started



Use the 3D Shed Designer to price and order a shed, workshop or summerhouse. Choose from a huge range of sizes and options to create a building perfectly suited to your garden.

Save your design with just a name and email address; a link to the design will be emailed to you.

If you would like us to design a building for you, please contact us.




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When selecting your store, please choose Lumberjacks as your local retailer, from the drop down menu that appears. This will help minimize delivery cost and ensures you have a point of contact throughout the whole process. 





Choose your starting shell...

15mm Cladding, 45x34mm framing, 1.8m low side of roof.

Major Apex
15mm Cladding, 60x50mm framing, 1.98m low side of roof.

15mm Cladding, 45x34mm framing, 1.8m low side of roof.

Major Pent
15mm Cladding, 60x50mm framing, 1.98m low side of roof.

Major Conversion
Same as Major Apex but Width dimension larger than Depth.

Shell Options
Pre-built designs



...or select a pre-made package

We have put together many models from our range into pre-made packages. They can still be altered if you want to make any changes or add any options. If you cannot see the size or design you are looking for, try the 'Design Your Own' tab next to Building Designs.




Huge range of sizes - size conversions below (approximate):

3ft = 0.9m, 4ft = 1.2m, 5ft = 1.5m, 6ft = 1.8m, 7ft = 2.1m, 8ft = 2.4m, 9ft = 2.7m, 10ft = 3.0m, 11ft = 3.3m,

12ft = 3.6m, 13ft = 3.9m, 14ft = 4.2m, 15ft = 4.5m, 16ft = 4.8m, 17ft = 5.1m, 18ft = 5.4m, 19ft = 5.7m, 20ft = 6.0m

These are approximate nominal external sizes. Generally the floor is slightly smaller and the roof is slightly larger than these nominal dimensions. Floor plans are available upon request. Any critical measurements should be discussed prior to ordering.



Drag and drop

The options are split into categories such as doors, windows, roofing etc.
Doors and windows can be dragged and dropped into place. When an option is added, the price updates automatically in the blue bar. Click on the blue bar to see the estimated delivery period.

Dragging and dropping a door
Showing menu after clicking on window



Moving doors & windows

Click a door or window on the 3D Model to reposition or remove it. Measurements can be checked by toggling on the dimensions or looking at the Plan View.




Roofing, colours & other options

To make your new building last even longer, consider adding a Shedsheet Rubber Roof and Sadolin treatment (supplied in tins) to your order. Other options include roof overhang, partitions, extra floor joists and assembly. When you are finished, go to Summary and Checkout to save and review your design.




Colour and roof upgrade selected




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Building Sizes

All sizes are approximate, based on external measurements (unless stated otherwise) - they do not include roof overhang. Please allow for any overhangs when choosing the size of your building, bearing in mind space required for installation and maintenance. We advise you check internal sizes if buying a building for a specific purpose, or any other sizes if critical. Planning permission can be required on some buildings depending on size and location, please check with your local council if unsure.




Accuracy of 3D Model

We have worked hard to get the 3D Shed Designer as accurate as possible, and will always aim to keep the building we manufacture as true as we can to the 3D model you design. However, sometimes due to manufacturing processes it may not be possible to position the doors and windows exactly as designed. Panels larger than 3.0m will be made in more than one section but joins are not shown or taken into account on the 3D model. Therefore positioning of doors and windows may need to be altered to accomodate joins. We will inform you prior to manufacture of any significant changes. The dimensions and spacings shown on the 3D model are a guide only - if you have any critical measurements or requirements you must discuss with us prior to ordering. The floor joists are a representation only and may vary in direction and quantity.