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The posts can often be the weak point in any garden fencing you put up – usually because you didn’t bury them deep enough underground, or because they have rotted in the earth. However, that’s not the case with DuraPost® fence posts, an innovative product which Lumberjacks can supply from their Suffolk base. Here are a few of their main advantages.

They Offer Strong Wind Resistance

High winds are more common in winter because the jet stream – a core of strong winds between five to seven miles above the Earth’s surface, which blows from west to east – tends to track further south. This allows more Atlantic storms to affect the UK and led to the bridge closures and train cancellations we saw earlier this month.

Garden fencing can easily be another of the casualties – but not if they are DuraPost®. These fence posts can survive winds of up to 110mph, which are officially classified as hurricane-force (and are around double the speeds we saw in Suffolk last week).


They are Strong – But Not Too Heavy

One of the difficulties with fence posts is that you want them to be strong, and able to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at them; however, you also want them to be light enough to handle when you are doing all the preparatory work.

Posts are generally dug in and secured using post mix. For installations where dug-in posts are not suitable we offer a bolt down where the posts are supported by attaching these to the concrete floor then attaching the DuraPost® to them.

DuraPost® posts are stronger than wood, and they are around 80% lighter than concrete. This means they should be comparatively easy to put in place – and once you’ve done that, they should stay there.  


durapost image 2They Won’t Rot

Unlike the panels, wooden posts are much more susceptible to ground-line rot and other forms of natural decay caused by oxygen, fungi and moisture because they have to be placed directly into the soil. However, DuraPost® posts are made from cold rolled steel so won’t rot, split or warp.

And while concrete posts won’t rot, they can also develop hairline cracks over a period of time, which will mean they will still need replacing.


They Are Environmentally Friendly

Choosing concrete fence posts won’t do much good for the environment. While the posts may be sturdy and durable, it’s been estimated that the international concrete industry is responsible for between 4-8% of the world’s carbon emissions. This is due not just to the manufacturing processes, but also to the journeys involved in bringing all the ingredients together.

Also, while wooden posts are more sustainable and renewable, the manufacturing process still involves the felling of trees. This releases carbon into the atmosphere, which also contributes to global warming. DuraPost® posts, in contrast, are made through a low-energy process and, because they are made of steel, can be recycled. Suffolk-based customers will be cutting their carbon footprint if they order them from our Ipswich base, as transportation miles will be reduced as well.


They Come with Guarantees

DuraPost’s® galvanised posts come with a 15-year guarantee, and the powder coated variety benefit from a 25-year guarantee. Remember, they are available in a variety of finishes so you can choose the one which is the best fit for your panels.


DuraPost® Fence Posts in Suffolk from Lumberjacks

At Lumberjacks we stock a range of DuraPost® products. These include Classic and Commercial posts, Urban Panels, and accessories including gravel boards and repair spurs. If you would like to know more about the products we currently have in stock, you can follow this link.

DuraPost® posts are also incredibly versatile as they can be paired up with a wide variety of timber fencing. At Lumberjacks we also supply fence panels to customers in Ipswich, Stowmarket, Woodbridge and across Suffolk. We are currently offering free delivery in parts of Ipswich on orders valued at over £399 – for more information, click here.