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Just because the temperatures have begun to tumble doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy your garden. The addition of one or two special features means that you can still go outdoors even when there isn’t much daylight.

Here Lumberjacks, who supply chimineas and firepits to customers in Stowmarket, Hadleigh, Ipswich and across Suffolk, look at some of the key ways of ensuring you can stay nice and warm outside during the colder months – and there may be some benefits to your plants as well.


Install a Firepit…

Although firepits are commonly used for cooking (you can grill or skewer small cuts of meat or marshmallows on them) you don’t have to have a meal to feel their full benefit.

Keeping the flames alight after dark means it’s the ideal spot for an outdoor get-together with some mulled wine – a festive staple.  

Also, some plants actually thrive on being close to a firepit, including lavender, sage, thyme, oregano and other herbs – so you could use some of them to flavour your dishes if you did decide to go the culinary route.

In general, though, it’s best to make sure that your flowers and shrubs are at least five feet away from the flames as they may not appreciate the extra heat (and trees should be further away because of the risks posed by fallen leaves and twigs). Also bear in mind that, if it’s been snowing, that you should clear the area first.


…or a Chiminea

A chiminea will also keep your garden warm in winter – although they are designed more for cooking than warmth (you can cook inside it, or on top of it – check out our previous blog post here).

So, a chiminea is ideal if you fancy eating outdoors as well – and it should keep you warm throughout the meal, whatever you decide to cook in it or on it.

Here are a few winter maintenance tips for your chiminea:

  • Keep the top covered when not in use, as this will prevent moisture damage from things such as rainfall. In fact, it may be a good idea to have an overarching protective covering such as a tarpaulin, as this will also help prevent frost damage to certain chimineas.
  • Make sure your chiminea is positioned in a south-facing location as this will ensure it gets whatever sunlight is available.
  • Don’t put the flames out by dousing it with water, as any sudden variation in temperatures may damage the chiminea’s structure.


A Summerhouse Need Not Just Be for Summer

Contrary to their name, summerhouses can be used just as much in winter as they can in summer!

You can keep your summerhouse warm by having some form of insulation, or you could opt for internal heaters. Having plenty of blankets and rugs to hand will also help to ensure you don’t get too cold.

Ideally, you also need a light source – either inside (battery powered fairy lights or lanterns are available if you don’t have any electricity inside the summerhouse) or outside. External light sources such as our Ellumiere range will ensure you can enjoy the full beauty of your garden, particularly if it’s icy, frosty, or has been snowing; they will also ensure you can get to and from your summerhouse even when it’s dark.


Chimineas and Firepits in Stowmarket from Ipswich-based Lumberjacks

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