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With spring on the horizon and the beginning of gardening season at hand, now is the perfect time to appraise your tools and see if there’s anything in your box, shed or garage which might need an upgrade.

At Lumberjacks, we stock a wide range of garden and landscaping tools from various brands, including Ox tools in Woodbridge, Ipswich and the surrounding area.

Here we’re going to break down, season by season, some of the most useful tools we stock and the kinds of jobs you can use them for.


As you would probably expect, spring is the prime time to start growing your plants and any produce for the year.

Secateurs Spring is also a great time for pruning, getting rid of any dead wood and encouraging new growth. Although they also work excellently with sheet metal, you can use our Aviation shears (pictured) to prune any unwanted plant stems.

Wheelbarrow – A wheelbarrow is useful all year round, but particularly for any bigger gardening jobs which create a lot of waste. This includes digging out new beds, spreading out mulch or compost, and digging up turf to prepare for paving. These kinds of jobs are best tackled in spring.

Spades and Forks – If you are digging out new beds or doing any sort of planting for the summer season, you’ll need these at the start of the year. We have a wide range of both spades and forks available, with a variety of different sizes and handle grips.

Lawn Edging – According to the Royal Horticultural Society, spring is the ideal time to use an edging iron (or flatbed spade) to tidy up your lawn. You could use one of these tools to create a gutter between the lawn and any flower beds and prevent your grass from encroaching into your plant space.



Summer is probably the best season for large landscaping projects, as the dry weather makes working on things like fencing more practical - not just the installation, but the treating of any wood as well.

Wood Treatment – Using protective treatment products on wooden fence panels is a great way to both extend the longevity of your fencing, and also give it a visual refresh. We offer treatment suitable for all different kinds, and colours, of wood so you can choose the one which best matches your fencing’s aesthetic.

Fencing – if you’re looking to give your garden fencing a full refresh, we stock a wide range of panels, posts and concrete fence products. If you’re going to install the fencing yourself, you’ll also need to make sure you have appropriate hole digging tools.

Hammers and Mallets – Useful for a wide variety of landscaping applications, we stock hammers and mallets in a variety of sizes and styles.

Spirit Level - If you are laying a patio (and to a lesser extent a fence) you will also need a spirit level to check that there aren’t any uneven surfaces. A spirit level can also be useful indoors, for smaller DIY projects such as putting up shelves.

Tape Measure – Of course, the true key to success for any landscaping project!



Autumn is the season of harvest and the beginning of the downturn towards winter. As such, there can often be a lot of clearing up to do, to keep your garden tidy.

Rakes – The traditional way of gathering up all the fallen leaves in your garden is to use a rake. We stock a couple of different rakes, as well as a broom which can be a good alternative if the leaves have fallen onto a flat or hard surface.

Leaf Collectors – Once you’ve used a rake to collect all your fallen leaves together, you’re going to need to pick them up and dispose of them (likely in a garden waste recycling bin). Leaf collectors are a great way to pick up a large number of leaves at once, limiting the number of trips you’ll have to make to your recycling bin.

Saws – While autumn might see the weather turn unsuitable for working outside in the garden, you can still spend some quality time working on preparing landscaping materials (or personal carpentry projects) in your shed, garage or workshop. We stock a wide range of different saws, including masonry saws, bow saws and hack saws. We also offer a range of cutting disks for mechanical saws.



It’s reasonable to assume that most people prefer not to do much garden work during the winter; it’s often too dark or too wet to get anything meaningful done. However, some tools can still have some helpful applications during this downtime.

A saw might come in handy, particularly if any of your trees or shrubs come down in high winds or storms. A rake can also be useful if your lawn starts to flood due to rain; you can poke holes in the lawn to help aerate it and improve the drainage.

Tarpaulin – As the weather starts to get colder, and likely wetter, you may wish to cover some items, such as garden furniture or BBQs, with a tarpaulin to help protect them from the elements. This can be especially handy if you don’t have anywhere else to keep these items, such as a shed or garage.


Landscaping Tools in Suffolk from Lumberjacks

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