Post Saver Sleeve Pre Applied

£ 24.60 each

Shipping estimation

This post saver is supplied fitted to a pressure treated softwood 100mm x 100mm wooden post of your chosen length. These will be installed to allow for 2 feet of your post to be placed into the ground, Please confirm with the sales office if you wish to have these set to allow a different depth.
Postsaver Pro-Wrap post rot protection excludes all the factors required for decay, locking preservative in and locking moisture, oxygen and fungi out. Preventing costly ground-line rot in your wooden posts.

How Does Pro-Wrap Protection Work?


Postsaver Pro-Wraps feature a dual-layer barrier protection system, that when heated, shrinks onto the post creating a long-lasting, high-performance, air and water-tight seal.
Dual-Layer Rot Shield Technology
This seal is the critical element which locks out all the factors required for decay to occur including moisture, fungi and oxygen at the critical ground-line (up to 6 inches or 150mm below ground) of the post.
Locks Out Everything Needed For Decay

Rot Can't Occur

When all the factors required for rot and decay are locked out of the post, conventional rot cannot occur. This allows us to guarantee wooden fence posts for 20 years*

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