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CombiBolt 4 Re-Codable Locking Bolt Chrome

£ 23.00 each

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The Squire CombiBolt 4 Re-Codable Locking Bolt is a unique, patented combination 4-wheel locking bolt, that provides great security for vehicles, sheds, doors and gates. It has brass wheels that are highly anti-corrosive.

There are 10,000 combinations and is lockable in open and closed positions for extra security.

It comes supplied with security screws and can be fitted left- or right-handed.

Can be coded ‘alike’.

Die-Cast Chrome Finish.

Designed for areas where there is a Low to Medium risk of theft. Ideal for Vehicles, beach huts, boats, internal doors, sheds and gates, up and over garage doors, etc.

Overall Length: 120mm.
Overall Width: 50mm.
Bolt Diameter: 10mm.