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3 - TAB Square Reinforced Fibreglass Roofing Shingles Black

£ 29.50 each

Shipping estimation

3 - TAB Square Reinforced Fibreglass Roofing Shingles Black

10yr Manufacturer Guarantee

Coverage: 3m2 per pack (21 pieces)

Length per piece: 100cm

Depth of actual coverage per shingle: 30cm

Fixing Method: Hot Blow Torch/Cold Bitumen Mastic & Galvanised ELH Clout Nails

Roofing Shingles are a great way to make your roof take on a professional finish and provide a durable, decorative, weatherproof covering that's likely to last 10 years or more. The lightweight glass fibre-based bitumen product comes in a variety of patterns and colours, and Roofing Shingles can be easily applied to Sheds, Stables, Summerhouses, Chalets, Beach Huts and even Dog Kennels. 

For both the discerning DIY'er and the professional tradesman, these Roofing Shingles make the ideal finish for new building projects, repairs, or simply where a better-looking roof is required.

These are Roofing Shingles that come with a 10-year guarantee and a 3 sq meter coverage using the 21 pieces in the pack.

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